Penrose High School Staff & Pupils 1958

Each annual Peka Totara magazine contained a list of the staff and pupils of
Penrose High School for that year and is a valuable source of names of those
students and pupils and in the case of the girls, their maiden names. Below is a
transcript of the names of pupils attending in 1956 according to "Peka Totara"
magazine of that year and rearranged in alphabetical order.  Note:  If the file is
transferred to a spreadsheet format, the data can be sorted according to form
and thus the names of pupils by form can be seen.   
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1958 Form teachers
Mr. G. C. M. MILNE        V MODERN B
MR. O. TATE        VI
Abbott, Sherryll        IV HOMELIFE
Adams, B. A.        IV MODERN B Eng
Adams, D.        III MODERN B
Adams, Gail E.        VI B
Adams, Marjorie A.        V COMMERCIAL
Addymon, Janice        III ACADEMIC B
Ah Chee, Pauline R.        III COMMERCIAL A
Aitkenhead, Jocelita        III HOMELIFE
Allan, B, W.        III VOCATIONAL
Allen, Gillian        IV HOMELIFE
Allison, N. W.        III ACADEMIC B
Alsweiler, L.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Ambrose, Sheryl R.        III COMMERCIAL A
Anderson, B. L.        III MODERN A
Anderson, Inge        IV ACADEMIC A
Annear, Derna A.        III ACADEMIC C
Anslow, Paul        V MODERN A
Armishaw, Margaret        III COMMERCIAL B
Armitage, D.        IV MODERN A
Arthur, Heather        III ACADEMIC B
Ashdown, Marion        III HOMELIFE
Aston, W. A.        III MODERN A
Atkinson, P. L.        III MODERN A
Attwater, E.        IV MODERN A
Attwater, Gay        III HOMELIFE
Austin, Shirley A. M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Baker, Jacqueline M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Baker, Jean S.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Baker, K.        IV ACADEMIC B
Baker, Mary        III ACADEMIC B
Baldwin, D.        IV ACADEMIC B
Barker, W.        III MODERN B
Barnett, Estelle N.        V COMMERCIAL
Barnett, Grant E.        V MODERN A
Barnett, J. I. R.        VI B
Barnett, Judith        III HOMELIFE
Barnett, Lorraine        III HOMELIFE
Barnett, Margaret E.        VI B
Barnett, Valerie        III COMMERCIAL B
Barr, P. M.        VI B
Barrie, Faye        IV HOMELIFE
Batson, W.        IV MODERN A
Beagley, G. T.        III ACADEMIC A
Beale, Judith        III HOMELIFE
Beasley, Dianne P.        V COMMERCIAL
Beasley, Elaine J.        III VOCATIONAL
Beasley, P. W.        III ACADEMIC B
Bell, Heather M.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Bell, Helen E.        V ACADEMIC A
Beswick, K.A.        V ACADEMIC A
Bicknell, Nolene D.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Bigham, B.        V ACADEMIC A
Bilish, I.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Billington, M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Billington, R.        III MODERN B
Bingham, Sydney M. C        III ACADEMIC C
Binnie, Leslie        III COMMERCIAL B
Birch, G.        IV MODERN A
Birch, K. D.        III MODERN A
Black, Carole M.        VI B
Black, Judith B.        III COMMERCIAL A
Blackford, P. A.        III MODERN A
Blackman, T. N.        V ACADEMIC A
Bleakley, D. R.        V ACADEMIC A
Bloomfield, Leonie        III COMMERCIAL A
Boakes, Mary        III HOMELIFE
Boland, Joan M.        V ACADEMIC A
Boland, Pamela        III ACADEMIC B
Borchard, Lynette C.        III COMMERCIAL A
Bosley, Patricia        III HOMELIFE
Bould, Susan        III COMMERCIAL B
Bowker, W. A.        III MODERN A
Box, Violet        III VOCATIONAL
Branch, P.        V MODERN B
Bridle, Carol A.        V COMMERCIAL
Broadhurst, S. V.        III MODERN A
Brockway, C.        IV ACADEMIC A
Brodie, Jacqueline I,        III COMMERCIAL A
Bromley, Yvonne M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Brook, J. G.        IV MODERN B Eng
Brough, A. P.        IV MODERN B Eng
'Brown, Brett        V MODERN A
Brown, G.        IV MODERN A
Brown, M. L.        III ACADEMIC C
Brown, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Browne, Leonore I.        III COMMERCIAL A
Browning, Marilyn        IV HOMELIFE
Browning, Peter C.        V MODERN A
Bruce, I. P.        IV MODERN B Eng
Brunton, Carol C.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Bryant, D.        IV MODERN A
Bryant, Elaine R.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Buchan, Olive F.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Buchanan, Adele        III ACADEMIC C
Buckingham, I. S.        V ACADEMIC B
Burdett, Lorraine        IV HOMELIFE
Burke, D. D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Burnard, Jacqueline R.        III ACADEMIC C
Burton, Dianne        IV ACADEMIC B
Bushell, Glenys J.        V COMMERCIAL
Butland, Colleen Y.        III VOCATIONAL
Butterworth, B. A.        III ACADEMIC C
C        V MODERN A
Cadman, Colleen        IV HOMELIFE
Caines, D. I.        III MODERN A
Cameron, Carol        III COMMERCIAL A
Campbell, Doreen F.        V ACADEMIC A
Campbell, J.        III ACADEMIC C
Cann, W. W.        III ACADEMIC A
Canning, Claudia        III COMMERCIAL B
Card, J.        IV MODERN A
Carlow, G. R.        III ACADEMIC A
Carter, K. J.        III MODERN A
Cassidy, B        III MODERN B
Cassidy, Isabel        V COMMERCIAL
Cassidy, Mathenna        V COMMERCIAL
Cate, M.        IV MODERN A
Chan, S.        V MODERN B
Charles, B. A.         III VOCATIONAL
Charlesworth, Maureen R.        IV
Chegwidden, B.        V MODERN B
Chegwidden, Lynnette E.        III
Chorley, Judlth        III VOCATIONAL
Churchill, I. W. J        III MODERN A
Clark, J. W.        III ACADEMIC B
Clark, June M.        III VOCATIONAL
Clarke, E.        III MODERN B
Clarke, Militza J. M.        V ACADEMIC A
Clarkson, J.        III MODERN A
Claxton, Beverley M.        V COMMERCIAL
Claxton, M.        V MODERN B
Claxton, Maelyn        III COMMERCIAL B
Cleland, D. H.        III ACADEMIC A
Cleland, R. M.        III VOCATIONAL
Clifford, M. D.        III ACADEMIC B
Clough, Judith A.        III ACADEMIC C
Cockle, P. H.        III ACADEMIC A
Coghlan, M. R.        VI B
Coleman, D. W.        III MODERN C
Coleman, N. J.        IV ACADEMIC A
Collingwood, Briar        V ACADEMIC B
Collingwood, N. P.        III ACADEMIC A
Collins, Judith A.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Collins, Nancy R.        III COMMERCIAL A
Collinson, D.        IV ACADEMIC B
Collonette, R.        IV MODERN A
Compton, S.        V ACADEMIC B
Cook, 5. T.        III ACADEMIC A
Cook, R. W.        IV ACADEMIC A
Cooper, Judith A.        III ACADEMIC A
Cooper, Yvonne R.        V COMMERCIAL
Copeland, Jeannette        IV HOMELIFE
Corydon, B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Cossey, D.        V MODERN B
Cowden, Michele        III ACADEMIC A
Cox, Wilma L.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Coyle, Elaine        III HOMELIFE
Crane, Raewyn F.        III COMMERCIAL A
Crow, J. B.        V ACADEMIC A
Crow, Lynne R.        III COMMERCIAL A
Crowhurst, G. H.        VI B
Crowhurst, Maureen        IV HOMELIFE
Cunningham, J.        V MODERN B
Cunningham, Kay        III COMMERCIAL B
Currie, T.        IV ACADEMIC B
Cuthbert, Vivien A.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Darby, Janet M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Davidson, T.        III MODERN B
Davie, P.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Davis, D. S.        VI B
Dawson, Ann V.        III VOCATIONAL
Day, B.        III MODERN B
Day, Elaine        V MODERN A
Day, Glenys N.        VI B
Delieu, B.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Denning, Gay        V MODERN A
Devereux, C. de B.        VI B
Dianne        IV ACADEMIC A
Dickey, G.        IV MODERN A
Dickey, L.        III MODERN B
Dickey, W.        III ACADEMIC B
Dickson, Jocelyn L. J.        V COMMERCIAL
Dillon, Carol M. J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Dilly, Sheryl L.        III COMMERCIAL A
Dinsdale, Pamela J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Donaldson, J.        V ACADEMIC B
Doncaster, Maureen        V MODERN A
Double, Marie        III HOMELIFE
Dow, R.        III MODERN B
Downs, P.        III MODERN B
Dowsett, B. E.        III MODERN A
Doyle, Barry        V MODERN A
Doyle, G.        IV MODERN A
Drake, J. L.        VI B
Dronjak, P.        IV ACADEMIC A
Duff, P. S.        IV MODERN B Eng
Dulieu, Elizabeth M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Dunn, Marilyn        III HOMELIFE
Durbin, Ireen        III ACADEMIC B
Eagleton, G.        IV MODERN A
Eastwood, I,        IV MODERN B Bldg
Eccles, D. R.        III ACADEMIC B
Eccles, Lucille        III HOMELIFE
Elizabeth M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Elliot, T, E.        III ACADEMIC B
Ellis, Marie L.        IV ACADEMIC A
Ellis, Pat        III COMMERCIAL B
Englehardt, Shirley P.        III COMMERCIAL A
Exton, G. H.        IV ACADEMIC A
Fahey , T.        III ACADEMIC B
Fayen, April        III HOMELIFE
Fell, I. W.        III ACADEMIC C
Ferabend, C.        IV MODERN A
Ferguson, D.        IV ACADEMIC B
Ferguson, M.        V MODERN B
Ferguson, R.        V MODERN B
Fikington, Jillian        III HOMELIFE
Fillery, R. S.        IV MODERN B Eng
Finnemore, G.        IV MODERN A
Finnemore, Robin        III HOMELIFE
Fish, Wendy A.        III ACADEMIC A
Flavell, F.        III MODERN C
Flavell, M.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Flavell, S.        IV MODERN B Eng
Fletcher, C. O.        III VOCATIONAL
Fletcher, Marilyn        III COMMERCIAL B
Fletcher, Wendy        IV COMMERCIAL A
Foged, J.        VI B
Forbes, Sherril A.        V COMMERCIAL
Ford, J. E.        III ACADEMIC B
Foster, Shirley        III ACADEMIC B
Fountain, W.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Fowler, Alice S.        III COMMERCIAL A
Fraider, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Frearson, Thelma J.        III COMMERCIAL A
French, Rosemary        V ACADEMIC A
Fuller, Valerie        III COMMERCIAL B
Funnell, G. D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Funnell, Raewyn M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Furey, A.        IV ACADEMIC B
Gailey, Linda M.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Gair, Carole M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Gallagher, K. R.        VI B
Gamble, B. R.        V ACADEMIC A
Gargan, Gail M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Gault, G. T.        III MODERN C
Gavin, R.        VI B
Gay, Maureen        III HOMELIFE
Gedye, R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Gee, Dorothy        III COMMERCIAL B
George, M. Gael        IV COMMERCIAL A
Geros, A.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Gibbon, E. J.        III MODERN A
Gibson, B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Gillespie, Wendy J.        III COMMERCIAL A
Gollon, L. J.        III VOCATIONAL
Gore, C. Susan        III ACADEMIC A
Gosnell, G.        III MODERN A
Gould, Gloria        III ACADEMIC B
Gould, Sylvia        III ACADEMIC B
Goulter, J. P.        VI B
Grant, Carys M.        III ACADEMIC A
Grant, P.        IV ACADEMIC B
Grant, W .        V ACADEMIC B
Gravis, V.        VI B
Gray, A.        V MODERN B
Gray, Valerie E.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Gray, Yvonne N.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Green, B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Green, R.        III MODERN B
Greenwood, Leonie        III HOMELIFE
Greenwood, Maureen        III COMMERCIAL A
Greenwood, P.        IV MODERN A
Greer, Linda B.        III VOCATIONAL
Gribble, C,. J.        III ACADEMIC B
Griffin, Alison        V MODERN A
Griffiths, Janice M.        VI B
Grigg, Gael        IV ACADEMIC B
Grundy, G. W.        III VOCATIONAL
Grundy, Patricia 10        III VOCATIONAL
Gunning, C. S.        III ACADEMIC B
Gurnick, Pamela        III HOMELIFE
Halliday, R.        IV MODERN A
Hamblyn, Maureen L.        III COMMERCIAL A
Hammond, M.        IV ACADEMIC B
Hancock, C.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Hanlon, Aileen J.        VI B
Hansch, Gail        IV ACADEMIC B
Harding, Elaine A.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Hardwick, Carol M.        III ACADEMIC A
Harford, D.        IV ACADEMIC B
Hargood, A. R.        III MODERN C
Harlick, D.        V MODERN B
Harper, R. J.        III MODERN A
Harris, D. R.        III VOCATIONAL
Harris, Norma C.        III ACADEMIC C
Hart, Carole        IV HOMELIFE
Hart, K. J.        VI B
Hart, Ruth        IV HOMELIFE
Hastings, A.        IV MODERN B Eng
Hav, A. C.        III MODERN C
Hay, Margaret R.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Hay, Shirley J.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Haycock, W. J. S.        III VOCATIONAL
Hayes, W.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Hayhoe, Betty J.        III COMMERCIAL A
Hayhoe, Joan L.        V COMMERCIAL
Heasman, Cherry        III HOMELIFE
Heasman, G. R.        III VOCATIONAL
Heath, W. D.        III MODERN A
Helleur, R. E.        III MODERN C
Helsbey, F.        III MODERN B
Helsby, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Henderson, D. B.        III MODERN C
Henderson, Judith A.        III ACADEMIC A
Henry, H.        III VOCATIONAL
Henry, R, R.        III VOCATIONAL
Heremia, Maria        III HOMELIFE
Hetaraka, Vida        III COMMERCIAL B
Hicks, Merril E.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Hill, Donald S.        V MODERN A
Hill, P.        V MODERN B
Hill, Yvonne        V ACADEMIC B
Hodgson, C.        IV MODERN A
Hodgson, Judith        III HOMELIFE
Holloway, G. N.        V ACADEMIC A
Holt, Faye        III COMMERCIAL B
Hook, C. R.        V ACADEMIC A
Hookway, Gillian        IV HOMELIFE
Hoolihan, E.        V ACADEMIC B
Hopewell, R. A.        III MODERN C
Horan, F. E.        IV ACADEMIC A
Howarth, P. E.        III MODERN A
Howie, Wendy F.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Hoyte, D. W.        III VOCATIONAL
Hughes, Evelyn        IV HOMELIFE
Hughes, Marilyn        IV ACADEMIC B
Hughes, Marjorie D.        VI B
Hunt, T.        III MODERN B
Hunter, I. M.        III ACADEMIC C
Hunter, Leanne        III HOMELIFE
Hutchinson, P.        IV MODERN A
Hutchinson, Rodney W.        V MODERN A
Illingworth, Margaret        IV ACADEMIC A
Irwin, R. D.        VI B
Isaacs, Jennifer N.        III COMMERCIAL A
Isaacs, Jocelyn J.        V COMMERCIAL
Jackson, Anne P .        IV ACADEMIC A
Jackson, Go I E.        III VOCATIONAL
Jackson, Heather D.        V COMMERCIAL
Jackson, Nola        IV HOMELIFE
Jameson, W. R,        III MODERN A
Jamieson, Margaret J.        III ACADEMIC A
Jeffs, E.        IV ACADEMIC B
Jeffs, Leonard        V MODERN A
Jenkins, B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Jenkins, E. D.        VI B
Jenkins, G.        IV MODERN B Eng
Jenkins, R. A.         III MODERN C
Jenkinson,        V COMMERCIAL
Jenkinson, A.        III ACADEMIC A
Jenkinson, D.        IV MODERN A
Jensen, J.        III ACADEMIC A
Jobey, Joy        III COMMERCIAL B
John, B. J.        III MODERN A
John, D. F.        IV ACADEMIC A
Johnson, Gloria J.        III VOCATIONAL
Johnson, R. D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Johnston,        IV ACADEMIC A
Johnston, Lorraine M.        VI B
Johnston, P.        III MODERN B
Johnstone, D.        III ACADEMIC A
Jonas, Barbara A.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Jost, R,        III MODERN B
Jull, A. H,        III MODERN C
Jull, C.        IV MODERN A
Keating, K. F.        III MODERN A
Keeley, Gwenda        III ACADEMIC B
Keene, Raewin B.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Kellaway, J.        V MODERN B
Kelway, Neville        V MODERN A
Kempster, B. N.        III ACADEMIC A
Kennedy, Gail        III HOMELIFE
Ker, Jeanette        III COMMERCIAL B
Kessler, R. M.        III MODERN A
Kestle, J.        V MODERN B
Kildare, Heather        III ACADEMIC B
King, A.        V MODERN B
King, Jillian L.        V COMMERCIAL
Kingston, Gay J        IV COMMERCIAL A
Kirkwood, Carmen        III COMMERCIAL B
Kneebone, P,        V ACADEMIC B
Knight, Graeme S.        V MODERN A
Knight, K.        III MODERN C
Knox, Annette        III COMMERCIAL B
Kolkrabs, V.        V ACADEMIC B
Kydd, Jean        IV HOMELIFE
Laing, W. R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Laloli, Anne J.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Lambourne, Dawn        IV ACADEMIC B
Lambourne, Maren B.        VI B
Langton, Julie M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Langton, Noeline        III HOMELIFE
Larsen, Walter        V MODERN A
Lawrence, B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Lawrence, G. B.        III MODERN A
Le Prou, B. J.        III MODERN C
Lea, R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Lee, P. J.        III MODERN C
Leitch, B.        V MODERN B
Lennard, A. G.        IV ACADEMIC A
Lennard, Judith M.        V ACADEMIC A
Lewis, P.        IV MODERN B Eng
lies, Jacqueline C.        V ACADEMIC A
Little, Sharon G.        III VOCATIONAL
Lloyd, B. D.        III MODERN C
Lloyd, R        III MODERN A
Lockwood, Maxwell        V MODERN A
Lockwood, R.        V MODERN B
Lohenet, Carole        III COMMERCIAL B
Lomb„ D.        V MODERN B
Loomb, Robyn K.        V ACADEMIC A
Lord, D.        V ACADEMIC B
Lord, Muriel J.        VI B
Lothian, P. R. J.        III MODERN A
Loudon, Meryl        III COMMERCIAL B
Lovatt, D. N.        III MODERN A
Lovell, Brenda        IV HOMELIFE
Lovell, Sandra        IV HOMELIFE
Luckie, Elizabeth M.        III ACADEMIC A
Lyndon, Judith        IV HOMELIFE
Lyness, Pamela A.        III COMMERCIAL A
Macdermott, Joyce E.        V COMMERCIAL
MacKenzie, K.        IV MODERN A
Malcolm, D. J.        VI B
Malone, Colleen P.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Maltby, Lynette        IV COMMERCIAL A
Mann, K.        III ACADEMIC C
Marett, D.        V MODERN B
Marshall, M.        V MODERN B
Martin, J. F.        III MODERN C
Martin, R. B.        III MODERN C
Martin, Ross        V MODERN A
Mathews, Elizabeth        IV HOMELIFE
Mathews, L.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Mathews, M. R.        III MODERN C
Mathews, Winnie        III HOMELIFE
Matthew, Helene        III ACADEMIC B
Maxwell, D. G.        III ACADEMIC C
Maxwell, J.        IV ACADEMIC B
May, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
McAllum, June        V MODERN A
McCallum, D.        IV MODERN B Bldg
McCallum, Jeanette A.        IV COMMERCIAL B
McCorkindale, Jennifer         V ACADEMIC B
McCormick, Ruth        IV HOMELIFE
McDermott, 1. S.        III ACADEMIC C
McDonald, Bruce        V MODERN A
McDonald, Diane        IV HOMELIFE
McGarald, Dianne L. A.        III COMMERCIAL A
McGhie, A. A.        III MODERN A
McGibbon, Heather        IV HOMELIFE
McGibbon, N. S.        III MODERN A
McGlare, R.        IV ACADEMIC B
McGrath, Glenis K.        IV COMMERCIAL B
McGregor, E.        IV MODERN A
McGregor, Glenis        III COMMERCIAL B
McGregor, Judith        IV HOMELIFE
McGregor, Roberta        V ACADEMIC B
McGuire, M. J.        III MODERN C
McHullen, L.        III MODERN B
McKandry, Carol        III COMMERCIAL B
McKee, J.        III MODERN C
McKenzie, C. T.        III VOCATIONAL
McKenzie, D.        V MODERN B
McKeown, T.        V ACADEMIC B
McKnight, Verna M.        V COMMERCIAL
McLachlan G.        IV ACADEMIC B
McLaren, B. T.        III ACADEMIC C
McLaren, Janice A.        V COMMERCIAL
McLean, G.        IV MODERN A
McLean, I. C.        VI B
McLean, K.        V ACADEMIC B
McLeod, Elaine M.        IV COMMERCIAL B
McLeod, K.        III MODERN B
McLeod, R. J.        IV ACADEMIC A
Mclnnarney, R.        III MODERN B
Mclntyre, Kay J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
McMaster, Janet H.        III COMMERCIAL A
McMullan, Anne        IV ACADEMIC B
McMurray, B.        V ACADEMIC B
McNair, J. B.        III MODERN C
McNaughton, R.        IV ACADEMIC A
McPherson, Stuart        V MODERN A
McQuoid, Maureen        IV HOMELIFE
McVey, Agnes        IV HOMELIFE
McVey, W.        IV MODERN B Eng
Mead, W.        IV MODERN A
Mearns, Beverley        III HOMELIFE
Meek, H. H.        VI B
Melrose, Ann P.        III COMMERCIAL A
Mikkelson, D.        III MODERN B
Miles, Maurice        V MODERN A
Miller, Barbara A.        VI B
Miller, G. J.        III MODERN A
Mills, J. W.        III MODERN A
Mills, R. M. H.        V ACADEMIC A
Milnes, D. M.        V ACADEMIC A
Milnes, G. M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Moir, G. A.        III ACADEMIC A
Moonie, R. D.        III MODERN A
Moore, Colleen E.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Morley, D.        III MODERN B
Morley, D. M.        III ACADEMIC B
Morris, A.        V MODERN B
Morrison, Maureen        V ACADEMIC B
Mortensen, R.        III MODERN B
Morton, Anne        IV ACADEMIC B
Mulholland, R. D.        V ACADEMIC A
Murphy, Raewyn        III COMMERCIAL B
Murray, K. L.        IV ACADEMIC A
Mushet, Carole        IV HOMELIFE
N.        V MODERN A
Naismith, L. R. C.        III MODERN C
Nalder, C. M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Nalder, P. J.        III MODERN C
Nankivell, Marlene        IV ACADEMIC B
Neeley, Nolene L.        V COMMERCIAL
Negus, Lynette        IV HOMELIFE
Neighbour, Beverley J.        III ACADEMIC A
Netzler, P. S.        III ACADEMIC C
Newick, Jan L.        VI B
Newton, Kathleen        III HOMELIFE
Newton, T.        III MODERN C
Newton, Yvonne D.        III VOCATIONAL
Nicholson, C.        V MODERN B
Nicholson, Kay        III ACADEMIC C
Nicholson, Ngaire        V ACADEMIC A
Nicholson, Sharon E.        V ACADEMIC A
Nicol, Raewyn        IV ACADEMIC A
Nicolson, J. W.        IV ACADEMIC A
Niedra, A.        III MODERN C
O'Brien, D. G.        VI B
O'Brien, R.        III ACADEMIC A
O'Brien, Raewynne        III HOMELIFE
O'Meara, Judith        IV HOMELIFE
Ormsby, K.        IV MODERN B Eng
Orr, Carol J.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Owen, Glenise D.        III VOCATIONAL
Page, Carole P.        III COMMERCIAL A
Palmer, R.        VI B
Parker, G.        IV MODERN A
Parker, Jessica F.        III VOCATIONAL
Parker, V. G.        III VOCATIONAL
Parkes, Judith        IV ACADEMIC B
Parore, R. A.        IV ACADEMIC A
Parr, Wendy R.        III VOCATIONAL
Partridge, M. N.        III MODERN C
Patterson, M. R.        VI B
Pearson, Margaret S.        III ACADEMIC C
Pemberton, R. W.        III ACADEMIC C
Pene, Phoebe        IV HOMELIFE
Petersen, Frances J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Peterson, N.        III MODERN B
Peterson, Raewyn        III COMMERCIAL B
Phillips, Pamela        III HOMELIFE
Pickering, G. S.        III MODERN A
Piet, Edith        III COMMERCIAL B
Pilcher, L.        IV ACADEMIC A
Pilkington, R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Pine, M.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Pinkey, G,        IV MODERN B Eng
Pinkey, M.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Pitt, Isabel        V MODERN A
Pope, Diann        V MODERN A
Pope, Maureen        III HOMELIFE
Porker, J.        III MODERN C
Pritchard, Glennis        III COMMERCIAL B
Pudney, Pat        III COMMERCIAL B
Pye, L.        IV MODERN A
Pyle, D. J.        III MODERN C
Queenin, Judith M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Quigg, Dorothy J.        III ACADEMIC A
Quigg, N.        III MODERN B
Rainsford, Cherry        III HOMELIFE
Ransfield, Elaine        III HOMELIFE
Reed, R. C.        III ACADEMIC C
Reid, Beverley J.        V COMMERCIAL
Reinsborg, Lilian        III COMMERCIAL B
Rennie, Sharon A.        III ACADEMIC A
Reynolds, D.        V MODERN B
Reynolds, R.        V MODERN B
Rhind, W.        III MODERN B
Rhodda, Adrienne        IV ACADEMIC B
Richardson, Judith        V MODERN A
Richardson, L.        III MODERN B
Richardson, Lynette M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Ritchie, F. T.        III ACADEMIC C
Roberts, B.        IV MODERN A
Rogers, Glenis        III COMMERCIAL B
Rohde, C.        IV ACADEMIC A
Roper, Kathleen P.        V COMMERCIAL
Rose, R.        IV MODERN A
Rosser, E. E.        VI B
Rosser, Judith C.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Rossiter, D. M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Rowe, J. E.        V ACADEMIC A
Rowe, Julie A.        III ACADEMIC A
Rudolph, Ani        III HOMELIFE
Runciman, D.        IV ACADEMIC B
Runciman, W. M.        VI B
Russek, B.        V MODERN B
Sallen, G.        IV MODERN B Eng
Sanders, P.        III MODERN B
Sasse, Evelyn        V ACADEMIC B
Satherley, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Sawbridge, Jillion        V COMMERCIAL
Scholes, V.        IV MODERN B Eng
Scott, C.        IV MODERN A
Scott, Meryl        III COMMERCIAL B
Seamer, Shirley E.        III VOCATIONAL
Sellar, K. M.        V ACADEMIC A
Sellar, R. D.        VI B
Shearer, B. R.        III MODERN C
Shepherd, Lorraine E.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Sherriff, E. G.        III ACADEMIC C
Shields, Daphne        III COMMERCIAL B
Shirley M.        V COMMERCIAL
Silson, R. R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Simes, F.        IV MODERN A
Simpson, T, A.        III MODERN C
Sims, D. G.        III ACADEMIC C
Sinnock, P. A.        III ACADEMIC B
Skelton, Judith        III HOMELIFE
Skinner, Beverley A.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Slattery, B.        V ACADEMIC B
Slipper, Annette        IV HOMELIFE
Small , I.        V MODERN B
Small, R. J.        III ACADEMIC B
Smallwood, E. B.        VI B
Smillie, J.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Smith, Desiree        IV COMMERCIAL B
Smith, G. M.        III ACADEMIC A
Smith, I.        IV MODERN A
Smith, J. L.        III ACADEMIC C
Smith, Kevin        V MODERN A
Smith, Laurel        IV ACADEMIC B
Smith, P. M.        III ACADEMIC A
Smith, T. L.        VI B
Smith. E,        III MODERN C
Smythe, Anne J.        VI B
Smythe, Averil J.        III ACADEMIC C
Smythe, Gwen F.        III ACADEMIC B
Sneller, Pauline M.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Soloman, W. H.        III ACADEMIC B
Somerville, B.        III MODERN B
Sommerville, B.        III MODERN A
Sorenson, Bennie        III ACADEMIC B
Sorenson, Noelene J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Southan, R. K.        III ACADEMIC B
Spark, Edgar        V MODERN A
Spark, Jocelyn M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Stacey, Frances M.        III ACADEMIC A
Steere, Valerie        V ACADEMIC B
Stenhouse, K.        IV MODERN A
Stenhouse, P,        IV MODERN A
Stevens, A.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Stevens, B. B.        IV ACADEMIC A
Stevenson, W.        IV MODERN A
Stewart, C.        IV MODERN A
Stewart, Janice L        V ACADEMIC A
Stewart, Jennifer S.        III ACADEMIC A
Stewart, Judith D.        VI B
Stiles, Lesley        III HOMELIFE
Stoddart, W. G.        IV ACADEMIC A
Stone, P. Jean C.        V COMMERCIAL
Strachan, C. J.        V ACADEMIC A
Strachan, D.        V ACADEMIC B
Stranaghan, D. W.        V ACADEMIC A
Strathdee, N.        IV ACADEMIC B
Strong, B .        V ACADEMIC B
Strong, Down        III HOMELIFE
Strong, M. D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Strong, P. B.        III ACADEMIC C
Strong, W.        IV ACADEMIC B
Sullivan, Beverley        III HOMELIFE
Swallow, Diana M. A.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Swinson, J. C.        VI B
Tait, C.        IV ACADEMIC B
Tanks, Garrick        V MODERN A
Tanner, S.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Tapp, Susanne        IV HOMELIFE
Taylor, B.        IV ACADEMIC A
Taylor, Barbara G.        III ACADEMIC A
Taylor, K. F.        III MODERN A
Taylor, Kathleen        III HOMELIFE
Taylor, Noeline J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Taylor, P.        III MODERN B
Taylor, T.        III MODERN B
Taylor, V.        IV MODERN A
Tewkesbury, Pamela        V MODERN A
Thomas, A. W.        III MODERN A
Thomas, A. W.        III VOCATIONAL
Thomson, Patricia G.        V COMMERCIAL
Thorburn, Carole        IV ACADEMIC A
Thorn, D. I.        III MODERN C
Thornton, R. J.        III MODERN C
Thorpe, Lynette        III ACADEMIC B
Thorpe, N. M.        III ACADEMIC C
Till, M.        V ACADEMIC B
Tippet, A. J.        III MODERN C
Tobin, W. T.        III MODERN A
Tobin, W. T.        III VOCATIONAL
Tolmie, B.        V MODERN B
Tomlinson, Lawrence        V MODERN A
Tomlinson, Maureen        IV HOMELIFE
Treadwell, M. L.        III MODERN C
Treanor, M. F.        III VOCATIONAL
Trigg, M.        IV MODERN A
Trommel, Colleen L.        III ACADEMIC A
Tupper, V.        V ACADEMIC B
Turbott, Helen M.        III COMMERCIAL A
Turei, C. W. C.        III MODERN A
Turner, T.        IV MODERN B Eng
Turton, Shirley        IV ACADEMIC B
Tyler, Maureen J.        V ACADEMIC A
Tyler, Patricia A.        V ACADEMIC A
Unkovich, R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Urwin, R.        III MODERN A
Vaughan, T. P.        III MODERN C
Venning, Dianne        V MODERN A
Vernon, Dianna H.        V COMMERCIAL
Vesley, R. C.        III MODERN A
Vickery, Joyce        III COMMERCIAL B
Vipond, Zara        III COMMERCIAL B
Wakelin, P.        IV MODERN A
Walker, D.        III ACADEMIC A
Wallace, Joy        III COMMERCIAL B
Wallace, Judith A.        III COMMERCIAL A
Wallace, Pamela J.        III COMMERCIAL A
Wallace, R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Wallace, R. A. W.        III MODERN C
Wallis, Barbara        III HOMELIFE
Wallis, M.        V ACADEMIC B
Walton, G. P.        IV ACADEMIC A
Warbrooke, W.        IV MODERN B Eng
Ward, Norma        III COMMERCIAL B
Ward, Yvonne        III ACADEMIC A
Waters, L.        III MODERN B
Watkins, M.        IV MODERN B Eng
Watson, B. N.        VI B
Watson, Jill        IV ACADEMIC A
Watson, W.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Webb, Alison        V ACADEMIC B
Webber, D.        III MODERN B
Webster, Carol R.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Wedding, V.        IV ACADEMIC B
Weir, Angelyn P.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Weir, Marilyn J.        V COMMERCIAL
Weller, B.        III MODERN B
Weller, G.        III MODERN B
Welson, A. W.        III MODERN C
Wescott, Shirley        IV HOMELIFE
West, R.        III MODERN B
Westbrook, K.        V MODERN B
Wheeler, Noeleen        III COMMERCIAL B
Wheeler, Peter        V MODERN A
White, B. R.        III MODERN A
Whiteman, Jeanette A.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Whiteman, P.        V MODERN B
Whiting, B,        III MODERN B
Whiting, B.        V MODERN B
Whybrow, D.        IV MODERN B Eng
Wichers, A. H.        VI A
Wild, R. W.        VI B
Wildbore, V.R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Willcocks, G.        V MODERN B
Williams, E. D.        III MODERN A
Wilson, A. G.        V ACADEMIC A
Wilson, B.        VI B
Wilson, Camille        III HOMELIFE
Wilson, D.        IV MODERN A
Wilson, G.        III MODERN B
Wilson, H. B.        V ACADEMIC A
Wilson, Helen        IV ACADEMIC B
Wilton, Ian R.        V MODERN A
Wilton, P.        III MODERN B
Winchester, R. V.        IV ACADEMIC A
Wong, K.        III VOCATIONAL
'Wont, Colleen D.        V COMMERCIAL
Wood, Judith A.        IV COMMERCIAL A
Woodhouse, K. G.        III MODERN C
Woods, D. R.        VI B
Woods, L.        III MODERN B
Woolf, P. H.        III ACADEMIC B
Wooller, Susan M,        III COMMERCIAL A
Word, Jennifer A.        III COMMERCIAL A
Worth, Carole J.        IV COMMERCIAL B
Wright, H.        III ACADEMIC B
Young, D. W.        V ACADEMIC A
Young, D. W.        V ACADEMIC A
Young, J.        III MODERN B
Young, N. L.        III MODERN A
1958 Pupils: Abbott to Lambourne
1958 Pupils: Langton to Young
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