Penrose High School Staff & Pupils 1957

Each annual Peka Totara magazine contained a list of the staff and pupils of
Penrose High School for that year and is a valuable source of names of those
students and pupils and in the case of the girls, their maiden names. Below is a
transcript of the names of pupils attending in 1956 according to "Peka Totara"
magazine of that year and rearranged in alphabetical order.  Note:  If the file is
transferred to a spreadsheet format, the data can be sorted according to form
and thus the names of pupils by form can be seen.   
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1957 Form teachers
MISS FLORANCE        III Home Life
MR. McNEILL        III Modern B
MR. DAVIDGE        III Modern C
MRS. DAVIES        V. COM.
Abbott, Sheryl V.        III Home Life
Absolum, Lois M.        V. COM.
Adams, Brian A.        III Modern C
Adams, Gail E.        V ACADEMIC A
Adams, Gladys T.        III Home Life
Adams, Marjorie A.        IV COM. A
Ah Chee, William R.        V MODERN A
Allan, Gillian M.        III Home Life
Allan, Neil M.        V MODERN B
Allen, Robert G.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Allright, Thomas        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Alsweiler, Leslie A.        III Modern B
Amy, James L.        UPPER FORM VI
Anderson, Dennis I.        IV MODERN C
Anderson, Inge L.        III ACADEMIC C
Anslow, Paul A.        V MODERN A
Armitage, David R.        III MODERN A
Arnott, Mary C.        IV COM. B
Atfield, Gloria S.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Atkinson, Garth K.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Attwater, Edward H        III MODERN A
Attwater, Elizabeth C.        III Home Life
Baker, Jacqueline M.        III COM. A
Baker, Jean S.        III COM. A
Baker, Kenneth M.        III ACADEMIC A
Baldwin, Aaron F.        III Modern B
Baldwin, Desmond J        III ACADEMIC C
Bankier, Gilbert G.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Barnett John I. R.        V ACADEMIC A
Barnett, Estelle N.        IV COM. A
Barnett, Grant E.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Barnett, Margaret E.        V ACADEMIC A
Barr, Peter M.        V ACADEMIC A
Bates, Anthony E.        V MODERN A
Batson, A. Warwick        III Modern B
Beasley, Dennis J.        LOWER FORM VI
Beasley, Dianne P.        IV COM. A
Beer, Margaret A.        V MODERN B
Bell, Heather M.        III COM. B
Bell, Helen E.        IV ACADEMIC A
Bending, Gillian R.        V ACADEMIC B
Beswick, Keith A.        IV ACADEMIC A
Bicknell, Nolene D,        III COM. A
Bigham, Barry        IV ACADEMIC A
Bilish, Ivan        III Modern B
Billington, Murray D.        III ACADEMIC A
Birch, Graeme M.        III Modern B
Birchall, Barry R.        V ACADEMIC A
Bishop, W. Desmond        IV MODERN C Eng
Black , Carole M.        V ACADEMIC B
Blackford, Elaine Y.        V. COM.
Bleakley, David R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Blockman, Terence N.        IV ACADEMIC A
Boland, Joan M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Bothamley, Cecileen        V MODERN A
Bowers, R. Dale        III Modern B
Bowie, Shirley F.        III Home Life
Bowker, Graham M.        V MODERN A
Box, Jack B.        III Modern C
Bradley, Francis        IV MODERN C Eng
Branch, C. Peter F.        IV MODERN C Eng
Brewster, Diane L.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Bridle, Carol A.        IV COM. A
Bromley, Yvonne M.        III COM. A
Brook, John H.        III Modern B
Brough, A. Peter        III Modern B
Brown, Bret G.        V MODERN B
Brown, Graeme J.        III MODERN A
Brown, Kingi        III Modern C
Brown, Ronald M.        III Modern C
Browning, Marilyn I.        III Home Life
Browning, Peter C.        IV MODERN A Eng
Bruce, Ivan P.        III MODERN A
Brunton, Carol C.        III COM. A
Bryant, David        III MODERN A
Bryant, Elaine R.        III COM. B
Buchan, Olive F.        III COM. A
Buchanan, Helen        IV ACADEMIC B
Buckton, Faye A.        III Home Life
Burch, Sherryll A.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Burdett, Lorraine J.        III Home Life
Burke, Donald E.        III ACADEMIC A
Burton , Leslie D.        III ACADEMIC B
Burton, Beverley A.        V. COM.
Burton, June E.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Bushell, Glenis J.        IV COM. A
Cadman, Colleen M.        III Home Life
Cameron, Dorothy        IV COM. A
Cameron, Elizabeth M.        III Home Life
Campbell, Doreen F.        IV ACADEMIC A
Campbell, Lorraine N.        V. COM.
Capill, Murray J.        V ACADEMIC B
Card, John        III MODERN A
Cargo, Glenda M.        V. COM.
Carry, Patricia E.        IV COM. B
Cassidy, Isabel I.        IV COM. B
Cassidy, Mathenna        IV COM. B
Cate, Michael T.        III MODERN A
Chan, Sonny        IV MODERN C Eng
Charlesworth, Gloria P.        V. COM.
Charlesworth, Maureen        III COM. B
Chegwidden, Bruce J.        IV MODERN A Eng
Claridge, Norman J.        III ACADEMIC C
Clark, Beverley A.        V. COM.
Clark, John        V MODERN B
Clarke, Militza J. M.        V ACADEMIC A
Claxton, Beverley M.        IV COM. B
Claxton, Michael J.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Clover, Maxwell A.        IV MODERN C Eng
Cockle, Robert J,        III Modern C
Coghlan, Gary        V ACADEMIC A
Coghlan, Murray        V ACADEMIC A
Coleman, Bruce S.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Collenette, R. Keith        III Modern B
Collingwood, S. Briar        IV ACADEMIC B
Collins, Judith A.        III COM. A
Collision, Jon D.        V. COM.
Collison, Dene W. M.        III ACADEMIC C
Compton, Stephen L.        V ACADEMIC B
Cook, Janice M,        V MODERN B
Cook, Raymond W.        III ACADEMIC A
Cooper, Leslie G.        IV MODERN A Eng
Cooper, Yvonne R.        IV COM. A
Copeland, Jeanette A.        III Home Life
Corydon, G. Bent        III ACADEMIC B
Cossey, David A.        IV MODERN B Eng
Cox, Wilma L.        III COM. A
Critchley, Russell L.        V MODERN B
Crockett, Valerie K.        IV COM. B
Croon, Robyn N.        IV COM. B
Crow, John B.        IV ACADEMIC A
Crowhurst, Carol A.        IV COM. A
Crowhurst, Garry H.        V ACADEMIC B
Crowhurst, Moreen A.        III Home Life
Cunningham, Graham C.        IV MODERN B
Cunningham, Patricia A,        V MODERN A
Currie, Anthony H.        III ACADEMIC B
Cuthbert, Jean T.        V. COM.
Cuthbert, Vivien A.        III COM. B
Davie, Patrick F.        III Modern B
Davis, Donald S.        V ACADEMIC B
Dawson, Reginald S.        V ACADEMIC B
Day, Elaine A.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Day, Glenys N.        V ACADEMIC A
Day, Robert L.        III MODERN A
Denning, Gay M.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Dephoff, Morrie C.        IV MODERN C Eng
Devereux, Colin de B.        V ACADEMIC B
Dickens, William B.        V ACADEMIC B
Dickey, Graham N.        III MODERN A
Dickey, William L.        V ACADEMIC B
Dickson, Jocelyn L. 1.        IV COM. A
Dillon, Carol M.        III COM. B
Dinsdale, Pam J.        III COM. B
Donaldson, Joseph        IV ACADEMIC B
Donaldson, Samuel D.        IV MODERN B
Doncaster, Maureen I.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Donovan, Ian J.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Doyle, Barry R,        V ACADEMIC B
Doyle, Graham C.        III Modern B
Drake, John L.        V ACADEMIC A
Dronjak, Peter        III ACADEMIC C
Duff, Patrick S.        III Modern C
Duggan, Lorraine P.        IV COM. B
Eagleton, Grant G.        III MODERN A
Eastwood, Gordon D.        V MODERN A
Eastwood, Ivan P. E.        III Modern C
Elliott, William G        III MODERN A
Ellis, Marie L.        III ACADEMIC A
Eustace, Alan F. C.        V ACADEMIC A
Exton, George H.        III ACADEMIC A
Fenner, Cherry D.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Ferabend, Robert L.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Ferguson, Alexander D.        III ACADEMIC A
Ferguson, Morris R.        IV MODERN C Eng
Fergusson, Rodney A.        IV MODERN B Eng
Fillery, Raymond S.        III Modern B
Finlayson, Sheonaid M.        IV HOME
Finnemore, Gary E. J.        III Modern B
Fisk, Marylyn        V. COM.
Flavell, Colin R.        III Modern C
Flavell, Micky        III Modern C
Flavell, Simon        III Modern C
Fleet, Perrie A.        V MODERN A
Fleming, Dennis R. W.        IV MODERN B
Fletcher, Tim P.        LOWER FORM VI
Fletcher, Valerie G.        IV ACADEMIC B
Fletcher, Wendy        III COM. B
Foged, Jorgen        V ACADEMIC A
Ford, Lewis        IV MODERN C Eng
Forties, Sherrill A.        IV COM. A
Fountain, Warren R.        III Modern C
Fraider, Raymond T. A.        III Modern C
French, Rosemary        IV ACADEMIC A
Friend, Beverley R.        IV COM. A
Funnell, Fay A.        V. COM.
Funnell, Graeme D.        III ACADEMIC C
Furey, Alistair M.        III ACADEMIC C
Gailey, Marlene L.        III COM. B
Gallagher, Kelvin R.        V ACADEMIC B
Gallagher, Patricia        V MODERN A
Galloway, Ian M.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Galloway, Ross A.        V ACADEMIC B
Gamble„ Bruce R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Gargan, Gail M.        III COM. A
Gavin, Raymond        V ACADEMIC A
Gay, Patricia I.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Gedye, Royston H. L.        III ACADEMIC B
George, Mary G.        III COM. A
George, Roy L.        IV MODERN A Bldg
German, Barry I.        III Modern C
Geros, Allen A.        III Modern C
Gibson, Bruce R.        III ACADEMIC A
Gilbert , Rex C. R.        III ACADEMIC B
Gilespie, Gloria N.        V ACADEMIC A
Gillard, Judith A.        IV COM. B
Gillies, Pamela B.        V. COM.
Gordon, James R.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Goulter, John P.        V ACADEMIC B
Goulton, June M.        IV COM. B
Gow, John McA.        IV ACADEMIC B
Graham, Glenda R.        V. COM.
Grant, Peter L.        III ACADEMIC A
Grant, Wayne A.        IV ACADEMIC B
Gravis, Vilnis        V ACADEMIC A
Gray, Arthur E.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Gray, George        V MODERN B
Gray, Valerie E.        III COM. A
Gray, Yvonne N.        III COM. B
Green, R. Brett        III ACADEMIC C
Greenwood, Peter C.        III MODERN A
Greenwood, Peter C.        III ACADEMIC B
Griffin, Alison        IV HOME SCIENCE
Griffiths, Janice M.        V ACADEMIC B
Grigg, Gael R.        III ACADEMIC C
Gross, Walter K.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Hall, Lawrence F.        V MODERN B
Halliday, Wayne R.        III MODERN A
Halstead, Yvonne C.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Hammond, Malcolm G.        III ACADEMIC B
Hancock, Colin M.        III Modern B
Hands, Joan M.        V ACADEMIC B
Hanlon, Aileen J.        V ACADEMIC B
Hansch, Gail L.        III ACADEMIC B
Hansch, Robin B.        IV MODERN C Eng
Harding Janas G.        V. COM.
Harding, Elaine A.        III COM. B
Hardwick, Peter N.        LOWER FORM VI
Harford, Douglas C.        III ACADEMIC B
Harlick, Dennis A.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Hart, Carol L.        III Home Life
Hart, Dennis M.        V MODERN A
Hart, Douglas L.        IV MODERN B Eng
Hart, Kenneth G.        V ACADEMIC A
Hart, Ruth E. M.        III Home Life
Hastings, Allan S.        III Modern B
Hay, Colleen        V MODERN B
Hay, Margaret R.        III COM. B
Hay, Maureen J.        V. COM.
Hay, Shirley J.        III COM. A
Haycock, Kenneth G        III ACADEMIC C
Haycock, Owen        IV ACADEMIC B
Hayes, Marion M.        V. COM.
Hayes, William J.        III MODERN A
Hayhoe, Joan L.        IV COM. A
Hayward, Joy M.        IV COM. B
Helleur, Barry W.        V MODERN B
Helsby, Rex A. C.        III Modern C
Herding, Marion J.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Heslop, Richard W. C.        V ACADEMIC B
Heta, Haehae P.        III Modern C
Hicks, Merril L.        III COM. A
Hill, Donald S.        IV MODERN A Eng
Hill, Peter K.        IV MODERN B Eng
Hill, Robert W.        III MODERN A
Hill, Yvonne A. R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Hing, Arthur        IV MODERN B Bldg
Hitchin, Jacqueline I.        IV COM. A
Hodgson, Colin E.        III MODERN A
Holloway, G. Neil        IV ACADEMIC A
Hook, Christopher R.        IV ACADEMIC A
Hookway, Jillian D,        III Home Life
Hoolihan, Eric N.        IV ACADEMIC B
Hopewell, Ronald G.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Horan, Francis E.        III ACADEMIC A
Houltham, Lynette E.        IV COM. A
Hughes, Craig A.        V MODERN B
Hughes, Evelyn        III Home Life
Hughes, Marilyn B.        III ACADEMIC B
Hughes, Marjorie D.        V MODERN A
Hunt, Denis L,        III MODERN A
Hunt, L. Barry        IV MODERN C Eng
Hunter, Graham L.        IV MODERN C Eng
Hutchinson, Philip E. G.        III MODERN A
Hutchinson, Rodney L.        V MODERN B
Iles, Jacqueline C.        IV ACADEMIC A
Illingworth, Margaret J.        III ACADEMIC A
Irving, Patricia M.        V ACADEMIC A
Irwin, Robert D.        V ACADEMIC B
Isaacs, Colin C.        V MODERN B
Isaacs, Jocelyn J.        IV COM. A
Jackson Anne P.        III ACADEMIC B
Jackson, Heather D.        IV COM. B
Jackson, Nola G        III COM. A
Jeffs, Ernest P.        III ACADEMIC C
Jeffs, Leonard A.        V ACADEMIC A
Jenkins, Beverley A.        V MODERN B
Jenkins, Bryan C        III ACADEMIC C
Jenkins, Evan D.        V ACADEMIC B
Jenkins, Graeme V.        III MODERN A
Jenkinson, David        III Modern B
Jenkinson, Shirley M.        IV COM. A
Jenkinson, W. David        III MODERN A
John, Dennis F.        III ACADEMIC A
Johnson, Margaret E.        V. COM.
Johnson, Robert D.        III ACADEMIC A
Johnston, Dianne L.        III ACADEMIC A
Johnston, Faith R.        V ACADEMIC B
Johnston, Lorraine M.        V ACADEMIC A
Jonas, Barbara A.        III COM. B
Jordan, Beverley A.S.        V ACADEMIC A
Judd, David L.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Jull, Colin H.        III Modern B
Keating, Peter J.        IV ACADEMIC A
Keene, Raewin B.        III COM. B
Kelleway, James L.        IV MODERN B Eng
Kelly, Gloria L.        IV ACADEMIC B
Kelly, Lois Y.        III ACADEMIC C
Kelway, Neville F.        V MODERN B
Kestle, Jack W. F.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
King, Beverley J.        IV COM. B
King, Jillian L.        IV COM. A
King, Ronald        V MODERN A
Kingston, Gay J.        III COM. A
Kirby, Glenys M,        V. COM.
Kneebone, Peter E. J.        IV ACADEMIC B
Knight, Graeme S.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Kolkrabs, William        V ACADEMIC B
Kunkel, Marlene G.        IV COM. A
Kvdd, Jean M        III Home Life
Kydd, John R.        IV MODERN A Eng
Lack, Lesley C.        V ACADEMIC B
Laing, Wayne R. E.        III ACADEMIC A
Laloli, Anne        III COM. A
Lamb, David I.        IV MODERN B Eng
Lambourne, Dawn A.        III ACADEMIC B
Lambourne, Maren B.        V ACADEMIC B
Langley, Joy E. A.        V. COM.
Langton, Julie M.        III COM. B
Larsen, Walter N.        IV MODERN A Eng
Lawrence, Brian C.        III ACADEMIC C
lbbertson, Lorraine        IV HOME SCIENCE
Lea, Robert J.        III ACADEMIC C
Leach, Robyn K.        IV ACADEMIC A
Leaning, Fay P.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Lee, Charles R.        V MODERN A
Lee, Dennis F.        IV ACADEMIC A
Lee, Joyce I.        III COM. B
Leitch, R. Barry        IV MODERN A Bldg
Lennard, Allan G.        III ACADEMIC A
Lennard, Judith M.        V ACADEMIC A
Lewis, E. Ann        IV HOME SCIENCE
Lewis, Judith A.        IV COM. A
Lewis, Peter N.        III Modern B
Linn, Margaret L.        V MODERN A
Littlejohn, Ian W.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Lloyd, James        V MODERN A
Lockwood, Maxwell C.        IV MODERN A Eng
Lockwood, Roland J. W.        IV MODERN A
Longley. Carole F.        IV COM. B
Loomb, Robyn K.        IV ACADEMIC A
Lord, David H.        IV ACADEMIC B
Lord, Muriel J.        V ACADEMIC B
Lovell, Brenda A.        III Home Life
Lovell, Sandra E.        III Home Life
Luckie, Mervyn J.        IV MODERN C Eng
Lyndon, Judith A,        III Home Life
Mackenzie, Kenneth N.        III Modern B
MacLean, Alexander F.        V MODERN B
Macpherson, Stewart N.        V MODERN A
Major, Elsie McP.        III Home Life
Malcolm, David J.        V ACADEMIC A
Malone, Colleen P.        III COM. B
Maltby, Lynette        III COM. A
Malton, Noelene        V ACADEMIC A
Marett, David        IV MODERN A Eng
Marshall, Graham D.        III Modern B
Marshall, Michael N.        IV MODERN A Eng
Marshall, Pamela D.        V ACADEMIC B
Martin, Peter C.        IV MODERN C Eng
Martin, Ross W,        IV MODERN A Eng
Maskell, Barbara M.        IV COM. A
Mathews, Laurence J.        III Modern C
Maxwell, James G.        III ACADEMIC B
May, Georginne E.        IV COM. B
May, Richard E.        III Modern B
Mayes, Graham L.        IV MODERN C Eng
McCallum, Donald S.        III Modern C
McCallum, Jeanette A.        III COM. B
McCallum, June I. E.        IV HOME SCIENCE
McCorkindale, Jennifer        V ACADEMIC B
McCormick, John P.        V ACADEMIC B
McCormick, Keitha M.        III Home Life
McDermott, Joyce E.        IV COM. B
McDonald, Bruce D.        V MODERN B
McDonald, Diane M.        III Home Life
McGlone, Robert P.        III ACADEMIC A
McGrath, G!ennis K.        III COM. A
McGrath, Lawrence K.        IV MODERN B Bldg
McGregor, Ellis C.        III MODERN A
McGregor, Judith A.        III Home Life
McGregor, Roberta        IV ACADEMIC B
McGroucutt, Ronald S.        V MODERN B
McGuire, Dennis J.        IV MODERN B Eng
McIntyre, Kay J.        III COM. B
McIsaacs, Colin J.        IV MODERN B Eng
McKeating, Kenneth T.        IV MODERN B
McKendrick, Noel T,        III MODERN A
McKenzie, Diane        V MODERN B
McKenzie, Donald V.        IV MODERN B Eng
McKeown, Dennis W.        IV MODERN A Bldg
McKeown, Trevor I.        IV ACADEMIC B
McKibbin, Heather        III Home Life
McKnight, Verna M.        IV COM. A
McLachlan Graham B.        III ACADEMIC B
McLaren, Janice A.        IV COM. A
McLean, Glenn D.        III Modern B
McLean, Ian C,        V ACADEMIC B
McLean, Keith A.        IV ACADEMIC B
McLeod, Elaine M.        III COM. B
McLeod, Maureen E.        V ACADEMIC B
McLeod, Robin J.        III ACADEMIC A
McLeod, Robyn J.        III COM. B
McMahon, Margaret A.        V MODERN A
McMullen, Anne J.        III ACADEMIC B
McMurray, Brian C.        IV ACADEMIC B
McMurray, Lyndle M.        IV COM. B
McNaughton, Ross        III ACADEMIC B
McQuoid, Maureen M.        III Home Life
McSweeney, Michael J.        IV ACADEMIC A
McVey, Agnes E.        III Home Life
McVey, Joseph J.        IV MODERN A Bldg
McVey, William        III Modern B
Mead, Warren J.        III Modern B
Mearns, Joy R.        IV COM. A
Meek, Hugh H.        LOWER FORM VI
Miles, Maurice        IV MODERN A Eng
Miller, Barbara A.        V. COM.
Milligan, Warwick D. C        III ACADEMIC C
Mills, Roy M. H.        IV ACADEMIC A
Milnes, David M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Milnes, Graeme M.        III ACADEMIC B
Milton, Brian R.        III Modern C
Milton, Yvonne D.        V. COM.
Mognusson, Robert L.        V MODERN B
Moore, Colleen E.        III COM. A
Moore, Lorraine S.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Morey, Kay E.        V. COM.
Morrison, Maureen        V ACADEMIC B
Morrow, Douglas T. A.        IV ACADEMIC B
Morton, Anne H.        III ACADEMIC B
Mulholland, Richard D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Munns, Donald D.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Munro, Beverley J.        III COM. B
Murphy, Cynthia A.        V. COM.
Murray, Keith L.        III ACADEMIC A
Murray, Noeline H.        IV COM. B
Murton, Donald R.        V MODERN B
Mushet, Carol E.        III Home Life
Nalder, Conrad H.        III ACADEMIC C
Nankivell, Marlene H        III ACADEMIC B
Neeley, Noelene L.        IV COM. A
Neeley, Patricia E.        V ACADEMIC A
Negus, Lynette        III Home Life
Neumann, Helga        III ACADEMIC C
Newick, Jan L.        V ACADEMIC A
Nicholls, Terence J.        III Modern C
Nicholson Ngaire D.        IV ACADEMIC A
Nicholson, Charles H.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Nicholson, John V. M.        III ACADEMIC C
Nicholson, Shaman E.        IV ACADEMIC A
Nicol, Raewyn J.        III ACADEMIC A
Noonan, Michael D.        IV MODERN B Bldg
O'Brien, Ataneta A.        III Home Life
O'Brien, Dents G.        V ACADEMIC A
Olney, Terence J.        IV MODERN A Bldg
O'Meara, Judith A.        III Home Life
Ormsby, Kevin G.        III Modern C
Orr, Carol J.        III COM. A
Otto, Jennifer C.        IV COM. B
Owen, Gillian F.        V. COM.
Palmer, Richard        V ACADEMIC B
Pane, Phoebe L.        III Home Life
Parker, Gary E.        III MODERN A
Parker, Judith F.        III ACADEMIC B
Parker, Raewyn E.        IV COM. B
Parkes, A. George        IV MODERN B Eng
Parkinson, Dorothy        IV COM. B
Parore, M. Richard A.        III ACADEMIC B
Pascoe, Murray J.        V ACADEMIC A
Patel, Eashvalal        III Modern C
Patterson, Mervyn R.        V ACADEMIC A
Pene, Marsh J.        III Modern C
Pere, Harata J.        IV COM. B
Perry, Jillian A.        V. COM.
Petersen, Frances J.        III COM. B
Phethean, Peter E.        III Modern C
Pilkington, Raymond S.        III ACADEMIC A
Pinhey, Graham L.        III Modern C
Pinhey, Michael S.        III Modern C
Pitcher, John        IV ACADEMIC A
Pitcher, Lee        III ACADEMIC B
Pitkethley, Lorraine B.        V MODERN B
Pitt, Isobel        V MODERN B
Plumridge, Rory J.        IV MODERN B Eng
Polkingham, Trevor J.        IV MODERN C Eng
Pond, David H.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Pope, Diana C.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Porter T. Allan        IV MODERN C Eng
Powles, Lewis G.        V MODERN A
Pratt, Hazel A.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Prentice, Kenneth R.        IV MODERN A Eng
Prince, Trevor R.        III Modern C
Pye, Leonard K.        III MODERN A
Ranger, Brian K.        III Modern B
Rea, Joy B.        V. COM.
Reece, Frederick R.        IV MODERN C
Reid, Beverley J.        IV COM. A
Rennie, Sylvia        III Home Life
Reynolds, David        IV MODERN C Eng
Reynolds, Robin J.        IV MODERN B Bldg
Rhind, Edward L.        IV MODERN C Eng
Rhodda, Adrienne J        III ACADEMIC B
Rhodda, Nadine L.        V ACADEMIC A
Richards, Terence N.        V MODERN B
Richardson, Bonita A.        IV COM. A
Richardson, Judith M.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Richardson, Owen W.        III Modern C
Roberts, Brian H.        V MODERN B
Robertson, Douglas K.        IV MODERN C
Rohde, Carlo        III ACADEMIC C
Rohde, Hjordis        IV ACADEMIC A
Roper, Kathleen P.        IV COM. A
Rose, Robert J.        III Modern B
Rosser, Edward E.        V ACADEMIC A
Rosser, Judith C.        III COM. A
Rossiter, David M.        III ACADEMIC A
Rowe, John W.        V ACADEMIC A
Roxburgh, Gay        IV COM. B
Runciman, David I.        III ACADEMIC A
Runciman, Walter M.        V ACADEMIC B
Russek, Brian        IV MODERN C Eng
Ryan, Bruce E.        IV MODERN C Eng
Salt, Kenneth J.        III MODERN A
Sargent, Colin W.        IV ACADEMIC B
Sasse, Evelyn A,        V ACADEMIC B
Satherly, Robert W.        III Modern B
Scholes, Vernon H.        III Modern B
Scott, Colin P.        III MODERN A
Sellar, Kevin M.        IV ACADEMIC A
Sellar, Rex D.        V MODERN A
Selwyn, Maraea        IV COM. B
Shepherd, Lorraine E,        III COM. B
Silson, Roger R        III ACADEMIC A
Skinner, Beverley A.        III COM. A
Skinner, John W.        V ACADEMIC A
Slattery, Brian R.        IV ACADEMIC B
Slipper, Annette M.        III Home Life
Small, Ian K.        IV MODERN A Bldg
Smallwood, Edgar B.        V ACADEMIC B
Smillie, John P.        III Modern B
Smith, Cherrill J.        IV COM. A
Smith, David F.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Smith, Desiree        III COM. B
Smith, Gordon A.        IV MODERN A Eng
Smith, Ion M.        III MODERN A
Smith, Kevin M.        V MODERN A
Smith, Laurel K.        III ACADEMIC B
Smith, Marlene A.        IV COM. A
Smith, Trevor L,        V ACADEMIC A
Smythe, Ann        IV ACADEMIC A
Smythe, Anne J.        V ACADEMIC A
Solomon, James        IV MODERN C Eng
Sorenson, Noelene J.        III COM. B
Southee, Carole        V MODERN A
Sowry, Olive        III Home Life
Spark, Harold E.        IV MODERN A Eng
Spark, Jocelyn M.        III ACADEMIC A
Speller, Pauline M.        III COM. A
St. George, Eljean L.        V. COM.
Steed, Robert J.        III Modern B
Steedman, Colene R.        III COM. B
Steere, Valerie B.        IV ACADEMIC B
Stensness, June G.        V. COM.
Stephens, Arthur        III Modern C
Stevens, Barry P.        III ACADEMIC B
Stevens, Graham M.        IV ACADEMIC B
Stevenson, Warren E.        III MODERN A
Stewart, Charles L.        III MODERN A
Stewart, Janice L.        IV ACADEMIC A
Stewart, Judith D.        V ACADEMIC A
Stoddart, Warren C.        III ACADEMIC C
Stone, P. Jean C.        IV COM. A
Strachan, Christopher J.        IV ACADEMIC A
Strachan, David J. F.        IV ACADEMIC B
Strahan, Marlene B.        IV COM. A
Stranaghan, David        V ACADEMIC A
Strathdee, Noel        III ACADEMIC B
Strong, Bruce L.        IV ACADEMIC B
Strong, Glenys M.        V. COM.
Strong, Murray D        III ACADEMIC B
Strong, Wayne F.        III ACADEMIC A
Stuart, C. Duncan        IV ACADEMIC B
Sullen, Graham E.        III Modern C
Sullivan, Graham D.        IV MODERN C Eng
Sutherland, Diane M.        V ACADEMIC B
Swallow, Diana M. A.        III COM. A
Swinson, Grant E.        III ACADEMIC A
Swinson, John C.        V ACADEMIC A
Tait, Christopher W.        III ACADEMIC C
Tanner, Steven B. T.        III Modern C
Tapp, Susanne K.        III Home Life
Taranaki, Anne R.        V. COM.
Taylor, Barry A.        V MODERN A
Taylor, Barry G.        III Modern B
Taylor, Beverley M.        V. COM.
Taylor, Brian N.        III ACADEMIC A
Taylor, Glenise        V MODERN A
Taylor, Graham        III Modern C
Taylor, Noeline J.        III COM. B
Taylor, Vincent A.        III MODERN A
Tewkesbury, Pamela        IV HOME SCIENCE
Thomas, Myron P.        III Modern C
Thompson, James B.        LOWER FORM VI
Thompson, Neville E.        IV MODERN C
Thompson, Patricia G.        IV COM. A
Thomson, Pam J.        V. COM.
Thorburn, Carole D.        III ACADEMIC A
Thorn, Janet M.        IV ACADEMIC B
Till, Malcolm C.        V ACADEMIC B
Tomlinson, Lawrence G.        IV MODERN A
Tomlinson, Maureen S.        III Home Life
Tonks, Garrick M.        IV MODERN A Eng
Trigg, Michael J.        III MODERN A
Tubman, Ruth M.        V ACADEMIC B
Tupper, Vernon L.        IV ACADEMIC B
Turchie, John        III Modern C
Turner, Beverley H.        III Home Life
Turner, Trevor W. G.        III Modern C
Turton, Shirley F.        III ACADEMIC C
Tyler Maureen J.        IV ACADEMIC A
Tyler, Patricia A.        IV ACADEMIC A
Unkovich, A. Robin I.        III Modern B
Venning, Diane        IV HOME SCIENCE
Vernon, Diana H.        IV COM. A
Vitskey, Colleen A.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Wakelin, Alan R.        V MODERN A
Wakelin, Peter D.        III MODERN A
Wallace, Mervyn G.        IV ACADEMIC A
Wallace, Robert J.        III ACADEMIC A
Wallis, Murray J.        IV ACADEMIC B
Walton, George P.        III ACADEMIC C
Want, Colleen D.        IV COM. A
Warbrooke, William T.        III Modern B
Warren, Elaine M.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Waterhouse, Philip        III Modern B
Watkin, Lawrence D.        IV MODERN C
Watkins, Bruce A.        IV MODERN C Eng
Watkins, Malcolm R.        III Modern C
Watson, Barry N.        V MODERN B
Watson, Jill E.        III ACADEMIC A
Watson, John D.        IV MODERN C Eng
Watson, Keith E.        IV MODERN A Eng
Watson, Warren R.        III Modern C
Webb, Alison L.        IV ACADEMIC B
Webster, Carol R.        III COM. B
Wedding, Rex G.        IV MODERN C Eng
Wedding, Vincent W.        III ACADEMIC A
Weir, Angelyn P.        III COM. A
Weir, Marilyn J.        IV COM. A
Wescott, Shirley C.        III Home Life
Westbrooke, R. Keith        IV MODERN A Bldg
Wheeler, Peter S.        IV MODERN A Eng
Wheeler, William A.        V MODERN B
White, Neil R.        III Modern C
White, Ronald G.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
White, William D. E.        V MODERN A
Whiteman, Jeanette A.        III COM. A
Whiteman, Paul A.        IV MODERN B Eng
Whiting, Brian R.        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Whittle, Ronald        III Modern C
Whybrow, Desmond E.        III MODERN A
Whybrow, June F.        IV HOME SCIENCE
Wichers, Alex H.        LOWER FORM VI
Wihongi, Myra        V MODERN B
Wild, Ronald W.        V ACADEMIC B
Wildbore, Vernon R.        III ACADEMIC B
Willcocks, Gary        IV MODERN C Woodwk
Williams, Malcolm L.        IV ACADEMIC A
Wills, Barbara J.        IV COM. B
Wilson, Alan G.        IV ACADEMIC A
Wilson, Bret H.        V ACADEMIC A
Wilson, Bruce A.        V ACADEMIC A
Wilson, Dennis L.        III Modern B
Wilson, Helen J.        III ACADEMIC C
Wilson, John C.        LOWER FORM VI
Wilton, Ian L.        IV MODERN A Eng
Winchester, Robert V.        III ACADEMIC A
Wood, Judith A.        III COM. A
Woods, David R.        V MODERN A
Woon, Anne L.        V MODERN B
Worth, Carole J.        III COM. B
Wright, Houghton G.        V MODERN A
Wright, Sharon T.        III COM. A
Young, David W.        IV ACADEMIC A
Young, Roger J.        IV ACADEMIC B
1957 Pupils: Abbott to Lennard
1957 Pupils: Lewis to Young
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